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New Dashboard - Can we have a total of Jobs To Do back!


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Until today, I was able to refresh my page and see instantly if there was something new on my dashboard by the total number of to do items. Now that is gone and although I’m sure that the kinks in the new dashboard will work themselves out, I’m already missing the total number item tremendously and spending a lot of time refreshing and then going to the sales section and checking if there is a new number of my priority sections and when I have more than 50 orders in the que, paging down five times to get to the last one.

Can we just have our little number counter back - it would make life wonderful again.

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We need that feature back because it shows how many orders are in que not just for the buyer, but for the seller as well for…

seller bragging rights

how many orders are pending

simplicity vs viewing our managed sales

Yes please bring this feature back Fiverr!

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