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Use your best work for your image


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Sometimes I see pictures of the professional, and think they may scare people away. I know its wrong, and we shouldn’t judge people, but us humans,we do that. If I see awesome work, I click on that user. If I see an artist using an extreme close up of their face, or someone who looks sloppy, dark room, messy background, angry face, no smile, etc. I tend not to click those. Which is unfortunate because they may be an amazing artist. Put your best foot forward…your work. Again, I hate to judge, so I tell you this just to help you do more business and make more money. I’m not buying your face, I’m buying your talent. By the way…I am a professional who just discovered this site. I have already placed around 16 orders in 1 month. So be patient, it will grow. I have met zero other professionals who knew about this site. And I stand and applaud each and every one of your for your talents, ambition, and outstanding work. I am in love with this site.

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