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How to deal if buyer placed order and asking more than what I deliver in the GIG?



Well, it's fine if it happens once or twice. But only in July only, I have already canceled 2 orders because they are asking more than what i deliver. And now this is 3rd order received same way.

I can understand some cases this can happen, but it's difficult to manage if it happens again and again. I mean 3 times in just 10 days?

Now, there is one buyer placed order with premium plan and he asking me to design 4 templates but I deliver single template under this GIG.  Couple of templates are still fine but what if there are 4 templates, which is 400% more?

I have already canceled 2 orders because they are asking more than waht I deliver. And after canceling this 2 orders, no order till now (from more than a week) and now I received order where buyer is asking 4 templates where I deliver single template.

I am worried, if i cancel this order, I will not receive next order soon, because I am continuously canceling the orders. And I have experienced this many times before. This month I had to cancel total 4 orders, one order is just buyer told that he placed by mistake (even after requirements submission).

First of time I had doubt my GIG description might be wrong, but there is clear mentions "basic plan for 2 sections", "standard plan for 4 sections" and "premium plan for 7 sections". This is mentioned 3 times in my GIG.

Yes, there is option, I can discuss this with buyer, but this not worked yet. Buyer just not respond to message or they cancel the order. So I am afraid to discuss even.

If Fiverr is saying, new GIG review system not count canceled order then why suddenly order rate dropped? I think even it's not on dashboard, Fiverr is counting this. 
I am very disappointed by seeing this and dont know how to deal with this so I an open to suggestions.

Thanks for your time.

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