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From Gigs to Giggles (Gig Questions)

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Cheers, my fellow freelancers!

Going straight to the point... I have a few pesky problems with Fiverr, and it would be a pleasure to share them with you.

Firstly, I used to work here 1-2 years ago but had to stop for my studies. Fiverr didn't like that a bit; it sent my profile to the oblivion of the algorithm. Now that I have finished studying, I want to get back to it. I reached Level 2 (1,5 years ago) through tears and sweat, selling my work like hard candy cheap so I could climb to glory. But now, I've lost that Level 2 status (maybe until I get a gig). But no one is ordering or even visiting my gigs. You can check them out here:

Yes, those are a bit pricey, but I want to get rid of cheap customers. If I like the project, I would even do it for free, but I want clients willing to pay for what it's worth. Maybe if I really don't get clients in a few weeks, I'll change the price, but I really don't want to be obligated to work just for reviews; I’d rather work to grow as an artist. I know the 3D industry is going downhill with the VFX industry and the rise of AI, but it really is my passion. So, should I improve anything in my gigs? Should I chill and let things be? Or should I give up?

Thanks for your time; any answer would be appreciated.

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Hi, guillermopick

Recently there was an update in how the level system works
That's probably why you got ranked down

According to what I read here in the forum, the standard answer to the question usually is:
Optimize your gigs description and invest in high-quality eye-catching gig images

About the pricing I got the same problem
Trying to steer away from cheap buyers
But as a new seller, it's a little too hard

Best of luck to us all

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