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Private Buyer Reviews: A Suggestion To Fiverr That Might Help Sellers


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Hi Fiverr,
The impact of private reviews seems to have really wreaked havoc on Sellers' scores and success. They can literally be the difference between good and bad Level status. I feel that once Sellers finally discover that they had a dissatisfied Buyer, it's too little too late to take any action.

My recommendation to Fiverr:
Similar to the Level Warning emails, Sellers who receive any negative feedback should get a general Fiverr "Warning" notification every month (containing no specific details). The warning would just act as an alert that feedback was received in the last 60 days that might negatively impact their status and score and to tighten up.

A simple email with a Subject Like: "Alert: Get Back on Track on With Buyer Satisfaction"

This could help sudden and random-feeling declines in success scores not be such a complete and unexpected shock and allow Sellers the opportunity to be aware and vigilant moving forward.

I think that's transparent and fair right?


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