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New Scoring System is Destructive, Disruptive, Unmanageable, and Unfair

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Welp, I'm done here on Fiverr (due to SS), I got tired of fighting and the unnecessary anxiety, BUT I think it's only fair to myself that I get to express myself. It's upsetting to me that it feels like Fiverr doesn't care. 

I'm speaking on behalf of the honest hardworking Sellers who were recently thriving on Fiverr with great work and great reviews and are now struggling despite doing all they can to raise their SS (and Yes I'm fully aware of the new suggestions to increase SS).

Sellers, you know the new level system is scary when you unfortunately get a rare actual poor rating/review and it's the kiss of death.😩
I've been here for 10 years and am now forced to close my gigs and log off.  My formerly Level 2 status has been in a STEADY freefall since the new system took place and I see no fix. 
It should NOT be this hard. 

Thankfully I don't  financially rely on Fiverr to live, but I feel incredibly sad for those who do who've had their lives turned upside down. 

Some Things That are Unfair and Just Weird to Me:

-I fear that the definition of "performance" has changed rapidly with Fiverr. Introducing a HIGHLY impactful system change in mid February and giving us only 30 days to make any improvements started things on the wrong foot. With a system as complex and mysterious as this one, I suspect a 30 day fix was an impossible feat.

- I know private reviews hold weight, but do public reviews hold ANY weight anymore? I definitely can't tell. I, (as well as others) received glowing public reviews, but found myself still failing and struggling on Fiverr for the past few months.

- If Sellers are WINNING one week and STRUGGLING the next, without having made any changes, something is wrong (and it's not Sellers).

- If Sellers do everything they can to excel and improve, and their reviews and ratings visibly say they are excellent, why are so many fighting for their lives?

-Having Buyers place accidental/uninformed orders is an EXTERNAL factor that cannot 100% be controlled. Even if we instruct Buyers to contact us first in **ALL CAPS** some if them just won't. These are called accidents. We should not suffer for them. Since the new scoring system took place, a simple accidental order could be catastrophic. These really need to be waived in certain cases.

-Having any gig visibility against automated gig advertisements is virtually impossible. Sellers are falling from Level 2 to Level 1 en masse and can no longer promote their gig for reasons beyond their control. Not being able to promote your gig is basically a death sentence. Good Sellers should not be subject to Fiverr "death" so easily.  Exceptions must be made.

- The supposed impact of private reviews is destroying Seller morale, motivation and confidence.
I felt like I knew my Buyers (some, not all) better than anyone else that I had some small idea of when they were happy vs unhappy with orders and my work. The private review blame honestly felt more like an alibi to me.  I think it's too easy of an excuse to just blame a sudden decline of score and orders on a new revelation that our Buyers were silently unhappy.
Blaming such a damaging decline on something invisible that's "done in the dark" and that's in stark opposition to public reviews that are "done in the light" is wild. Private reviews felt like a scary Boogeyman and I felt like I was in Crazytown when my public reviews and Buyers told me me I was a very good Seller for years.
There should be more transparency with private reviews (I think that Sellers should receive notifications (not details) every month if they've received any negative feedback so it's not a complete shock when scores drop and so they can at least be aware).

-If revisions are now seen as "conflicts" then this is troublesome. Revisions are a regular part of any collaborative process and are not necessarily a bad thing. We should not be punished. If revisions are offered by Fiverr, then they should not be going against us.

-It's unfair that we're being punished in 2024 for things that were acceptable in 2023. I  asked for extensions twice last year because it was allowed. Fiver should apply punishment to future extensions, not for using them in the past.

-It's unfair that some Sellers are getting poor Communication scores despite being very effective, clear and frequent communicators. The amount of words used should not have an impact on scores and success and feels arbitrary.  If word count does have an impact, Sellers should at least be given a tangible number of characters that are required to succeed.

About Me: About 600 orders. Majority 5 stars and tons of reorders (I had a bad period of cancellations in 2014 when I was sick but that's it). 
I already fell to Level 1 in May where I've been stuck, then I got a rare 1.7 review last week which sent me packing because I can't even imagine the damage an actual BAD SCORE will have. :classic_sad:

Thanks for reading if you got this far.
Hopefully this vent might help others who are frustrated. You're not alone ♥️

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