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Buyers trying to scam


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I always liked Fiverr's concept but think it needs better moderation.

As a buyer, I already found out early that the majority of sellers are basically scamming their way through sales. Luckily the support team is great and helps you out.

But as a seller, I'm getting messages from many new accounts, sending me files randomly, or asking me for business on topics I do not offer. I feel like there should be a report button on messages instead of only a delete. 


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I hear you! I've been using Fiverr for a while too and love the concept, but yeah, the moderation could be better. As a buyer, I've run into a lot of sellers who don't deliver as promised. Thankfully, support has always helped me out. As a seller, it's super annoying getting random messages from new accounts asking for services I don't offer. A report button for messages would definitely help clean things up.

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