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Is this a real buyer?



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5 hours ago, maryann020 said:

I created a gig a few days ago and this buyer reached out offering $3000 for a 30 page data entry job. Is this legit?

Hi maryann020,

It depends actually.

First of all, Make sure it's $3000 or $300😜

Secondly, ask yourself about it. Is it possible to offer $3000 for a 30-page data entry job? My opinion is no I think.

Lastly, Check the buyer's profile if he/she has any reviews or not. Or he/she is a new buyer. If it's a new buyer, you can ensure it's a fake task.


Let me share one of my experiences. Normally, In this type of job, they offer you a higher price for a simple task. After that, they ask you for a demo task. And then they will ask you for a $30 or $50 fee as you keep their content secret. They also tell you that, it will be refundable after completing the task. But you didn't get anything.


One more thing, if you try to make any transaction outside of Fiverr, your account can be restricted.

I think you get the point. Have a good day.



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