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I hope you're all doing well. My name is [Nandlal ], and I am a professional graphic designer. I joined Fiverr three weeks ago, eager to offer my services and build a successful freelance career on this platform.

However, I've encountered some challenges that I hope you can help me with. So far, I have not received any genuine inquiries or orders. Instead, I've been bombarded with around 20 spam messages asking me to contact them on Telegram, which I understand is against Fiverr's policies.

Here are a few details about my current setup:

    Profile: I have filled out my profile completely, including a professional photo and a detailed bio.
    Gigs: I have created several gigs with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing.
    Keywords and Tags: I have tried to use relevant keywords and tags to make my gigs more discoverable.

Despite these efforts, I haven't had any success in attracting real clients. I would greatly appreciate any advice or tips from experienced sellers on how to improve my profile and gigs, increase my visibility, and attract genuine inquiries.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!

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