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Top seller account flagged for delayed verification



I've been selling my services on Fiverr for 4 years now and I wanted to try out the new professions thing but for some reason my application was denied and my account was disabled. Then I emailed about it and it was back to normal. 14 days later, my account was disabled again for not violating the Terms and Services by not completing the verification again in the next 14 days. I had no idea I had to do it again in 14 days and I was just very busy with order, totally forgot about it. I tried to complete the process after this and it worked, I have verified myself. However, my account is still disabled and I can't get a reply for my tickets. It's been 5 days now. Anyone else had this problem? How to deal with this? I'm clearly and actual person, I even have videos of myself recorded just for Fiverr, but for some reason it seems like it isn't enough to verify myself? I really regret trying this new feature now, it seems it cost me my account.






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Hi @egemete, sorry to read this was the case with your account. Let me mention that creating multiple tickets on the same issue won't help the matter, as you'll keep getting the same auto-response with general info and additional links to visit. Please respond only through #11825216, since that's the main ticket and all the other tickets were closed and merged into that one. The team will get back to you shortly, so thanks for your patience in advance. Good luck 🍀

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