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Need Advice: Returning After 3 Years - What's Changed?

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Hey Fiverr community!

I'm Md. Shahin Alam, a seasoned WordPress Developer who's returning to Fiverr after a three-year hiatus. I'm eager to reconnect with the community and get up to speed.

What significant updates have occurred on Fiverr since 2021, including any new features? I'm keen to hear about your best strategies for attracting clients and maintaining high ratings lately. How should I optimize my gigs to meet current trends and client expectations? Any fresh advice on effective client communication tools or approaches? What pitfalls should I avoid, and are there new opportunities I should explore? I'm looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new sellers. Your insights and experiences will be invaluable as I navigate this return journey.

Best regards,

Md. Shahin Alam

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The last time I completed an order, I was at Level One. Now, my level has dropped to 0. Will this affect my gig? Additionally, I'm not seeing any buyer requests available.The last time I delivered a order I was in level One, Now it is 0. Will it affect my gig?

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Posted (edited)
25 minutes ago, uchihashahin01 said:

Now, my level has dropped to 0. Will this affect my gig?

It might affect where your gig is shown in the search results. What also might affect that is having an average response time of 504 hours/21 days (that takes the last 90 days into account so if there was one response that took a long time it will get reset when that moves out of the 90 day window). If you do miss a reply to someone and it's been a very long time (eg. a week or more) it might be better not to respond as your response rate will already have been affected and they'll likely have found another seller by then and it will badly affect the avg response time by replying which will affect other buyers if they see it. Having a lower level can also affect how many active gigs you can have and on levels 0 and level 2 they've reduced the amount of gigs/active gigs a seller can have.

Unfortunately buyer requests has been removed from the site. There's buyer briefs now but they send only a few of those out (compared to buyer requests) and probably usually to levelled sellers. You could check all your gigs to try to make sure they're all up to date etc. (some of them show question marks in 2 of the gallery places - maybe they're .pdfs or something that don't load).

Also one or more of your gig images shows Fiverr's logo. This link: https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/15863342952977-Gig-Images-General-Gig-image-guidelines



Don’t use Fiverr logos or badges- Fiverr automatically includes badges for you, so there is no need to add additional Fiverr logos, rating, seller level, or any other badges to your Gigs—this will flag your Gig and will be removed. 

Edited by uk1000
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Thank you so much for your detailed and insightful response! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain how the search results and response times work. I'll definitely keep an eye on my average response time and try to avoid any delays in replying to messages. It's good to know about the impact of levels on the number of active gigs and how important it is to keep everything updated.

I wasn't aware that buyer requests have been removed and replaced with buyer briefs—I'll look into how that works and see if I can make the most of it. I'll also check my gigs to ensure they are up to date and correct any issues with the gallery images. Thanks for pointing out the guideline about not using Fiverr logos in gig images. I'll make sure to update my images accordingly.

Your advice is incredibly helpful as I navigate my return to Fiverr. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and tips!

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8 hours ago, uk1000 said:

Also one or more of your gig images shows Fiverr's logo.


Hello, I have updated two of my gigs. If you are free and can take another look at both of them, I would be grateful to you.

One is Wordpress Landing and another one is woocommerce product

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Here's a few comments/suggestions:

Gig: I will create responsive wordpress blog site, portfolio website and landing page

2nd gig image says "24/7" support. It might not be recommended to have that amount for 1 person as it might be unrealistic.
The gig still has "unlimited revisions" which might lead to people taking advantage of it.

The standard package description says "5-10 Pages..." but the number of pages field is set to 7. If they're allowed to have 10 pages shouldn't the "number of pages" field be set to 10?

The FAQ section. It might be better if every word wasn't in capital letters. Also all FAQ questions end in a question mark - except the 1st one. The first one could have a "?" too.

Gig: I will upload product in woocommerce, shopify, squarespace, wix or any online store

2nd gig image says "24/7 support". It might be unrealistic for 1 person.

The packages:
Basic packages says "25 product" in the package description. Number of products field is set to 1. Is that incorrect?
Standard/Medium package says "125 Product/50 variant product". Number of products field is set to 30. ?
Premium/Heavy package says "250 product/100 variant product" but "Number of products" field is set to 50.

FAQ section:
it might look better if every letter wasn't in capitals.

Your last FAQ answer says you offer unlimited revisions, which might lead to people taking advantage of it and asking for 50 of them.
Though there's no revision field - maybe Fiverr doesn't think revisions are applicable to that subcategory.

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Hello @uk1000,

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me improve my gigs. Here are a few updates based on your valuable input:

Gig: I Will Create Responsive WordPress Blog Site, Portfolio Website, and Landing Page

  1. 24/7 Support: I understand that offering 24/7 support as a single person can be unrealistic. I revised this to more accurately reflect my availability and response times.

  2. Unlimited Revisions: I recognize the potential for misuse with unlimited revisions. I updated this to a more reasonable number to ensure both quality and efficiency.

  3. Standard Package: You’re right about the inconsistency. I’ll adjust the number of pages field to match the description, setting it to 10 pages.

  4. FAQ Section: I will correct the capitalization and ensure all questions end with a question mark for consistency and readability.

Gig: I Will Upload Product in WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or Any Online Store

  1. 24/7 Support: Similar to the first gig, I adjusted this to better reflect my actual support hours.

  2. Package Descriptions:

    • Basic Package: The default is one product.
    • Standard/Medium Package: I’ve updated the number of products field to 50 (as 50 is the maximum value) 
    • Premium/Heavy Package: Same as standard package
  3. FAQ Section: I revised the capitalization and punctuation for a more professional appearance.

  4. Unlimited Revisions: I reconsidered the offer of unlimited revisions and set a more practical limit to avoid potential misuse.

Thank you again for your insightful suggestions. They are incredibly helpful, and I’m confident these adjustments will improve my gigs significantly.

Best regards,

Md. Shahin Alam

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14 minutes ago, uchihashahin01 said:

Thank you for sharing your perspective. I understand your frustration with AI-generated messages. It's crucial to capture the buyer's unique vision in their own words to create the best possible work. Genuine, direct communication always leads to better results. Let's keep things human and personal for smoother collaboration and higher quality outcomes.

I'm sorry but this response itself sounds very AI-generated. 🙈

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