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What was the goal of this scam?



I’m a very new seller on Fiverr — only one week with my gig active. I have received a couple of scam messages, the first was easy to spot (an information bot with a QR code purporting to be Fiverr support). The second is more confusing; I can’t figure out what the scam was meant to be.

The buyer messaged me asking for help with their novel (beta reading). I agreed, gave them information about how I work and asked for a little more info on their project. They provided the word count (nothing else) and said they appreciated my enthusiasm and will consider me, but they asked no follow up questions. I left it there, on a positive note, and let them know if they had any other questions or needed more information to get in touch.

A day later, I login to see a very random message from the same user: “Label hoihsfois hsaf isahf ashdiajs doija.” I click into the chat and see that I can no longer contact the user. Some time frantic googling later and I’ve connected the nonsense message to scam bots and concluded that they’ve likely been caught and banned by Fiverr.

I did quite a bit of research on scams before setting up a seller account. They didn’t ask for free work, attach suspicious docs or links, ask me to work offsite, etc.

Hoping to pick the brains of the more experienced. Has anyone else come across anything similar? What was the scammer’s goal?


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