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Is there a way to get my seller account accepted after a rejection?



Hello, I recently wanted to make an account as a seller on Fiverr. After adding all of my information and creating a gig after my W-2 was accepted, I got an email saying my account was reviewed and denied, and that I could only use Fiverr as a buyer.

I contacted support multiple times and either didn't get a response, or got the same copy pasted response. Basically, I have no idea what the reason for my rejection was, or how or if I can even fix it. My main concern is that that I dont know if a Fiverr account can be accepted after an initial rejection. Can I fix this and become a seller in the future, or am I permanently locked out?

Thank you for any helpFiverr2.png.6752e7a10c3221c8781ca861e3bd3849.pngfiverr3.png.b664da980d343a7a20aec6565077d434.png



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