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Option to comment on cancelled transactions


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Recently I had to go through a few canceled orders.

I am the buyer, and the seller doesn’t fulfill his part of the deal.

From what I know, either you let him keep the money and then you get to do a review like select how many starts to give him and a comment or you get the refund but you don’t get to comment.

I think we should be able to get the refund AND get to comment.

So even if its an amicable solution, prospective buyer will get an idea of what kind of potential problems that may arise from transacting with the particular seller.

Example, my latest order was for a flash banner ad to comply with google adwords.

  1. 30 secs loop
  2. Must be below 150kb.

    Seller says he can do it, he has 7 years of experience. etc etc.

    Then later, he say he has trouble making it stop at 30 secs.

    Then after fixing this problem there another problem arise, between animation, there are white flashes.

    Asked him to remove it.

    End up had to order another gig to get him to edit and touch up.

    Then later he couldn’t bring it down to 150kb. He said he didn’t know how.

    End of the day, he did refund me the 2nd gig.

    But still, I paid for the 1st gig and I cant use the work he did.

    I want to let people know what he can and cannot do. And that his English is very very bad. But I think he uses a proxy to open an account so it shows an American flag, but he is actually in india.

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