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Suggestion: Fiverr’s own currency

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One of the features I appreciate about Roblox is that developers can use Robux, a virtual currency, for transactions, which can be exchanged for cash. I suggest Fiverr implement a similar system, as some users may prefer avoiding direct monetary transactions or wish to use their earnings to purchase services within the platform.

Here's how it could work:

  1. The buyer has money.
  2. The buyer can choose to pay with either traditional currency or Fiverr's virtual currency.
  3. The buyer opts to pay with money (or currency).
  4. The seller receives payment in Fiverr's virtual currency.
  5. The seller has two options:
    • Use the virtual currency to purchase other services within Fiverr.
    • Exchange the virtual currency for money (which requires a payment method).
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It makes no sense for Fiverr. Although there are people using virtual currencies, that's a niche. The common Joe doesn't use virtual currencies, so it makes no sense for Fiverr to add such a thing. You're still doing a direct monetary transaction, regardless of the currency you use. Until virtual currencies become the norm or extremely popular, I doubt Fiverr will implement any system like this.

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