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More impression and More Clicks, conversion is Zero

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Fiverr Community! hope all you are safe and sound, Last month ago I created a wonderful gig, which was ranked and unfortunately, I gotten order from a client, who actually rejected already seller work.

He asked me to replicate one his work piece to ensure that, I can do it, I am confident and was too, he placed an order to $10 to show sample work,,,,,,, I did Replicate same work and did illustration of a Children book page.

He rejected when I sent source file, He cancelled order, I file appealed to a Fiverr, but that was not worked and I accepted. 

My gig was DE Ranked, Now 5 days ago, gig ranked and getting clicks, almost 100 plus, but not received any order !

Should i delete gig and Recreate new one Or Waiting?

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