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Fiverr denied Gig



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The only way to know would be to ask Fiverr support, "What policy does it violate?" That's the only way to know for sure. Ask them to explain the reason for the denial. Sometimes it is just in how you word the title. That's happened to me twice now. I was updating an old gig, and changed one word. It triggered something and the next thing I knew, my gig that had hundreds of reviews was denied. And once it's denied, it's gone. You have to start over. 

My suggestion is that if you're a new seller, look at how other sellers in your category word their titles, gig descriptions, etc.  As sellers, we cannot offer to do any type of licensed services on Fiverr. Even if that was not your intention, if it was worded in a way to give the impression of offering a prohibited service, your gig can be denied. Get acquainted with the Fiver TOS to avoid such things in the future. And good luck to you!

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