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False Fiverr ban for untruthful review.



Account suddenly got banned for no apparent reason, I've been working on fiverr for probably 3 years now and have gotten myself a lot of orders, a lot more lately. Then I suddenly got a waring for false reviewing, I mean where did that came from? One of my clients kept ordering for about 2 weeks now everyday. And his reviews sometimes look the same. But why did I get a a flagged for that? I'm not sure how I can get my account back anymore since I think fiverr will just send bot messages. Please If you've encountered this false ban or flag before let me know how you would handle it.

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You already had a warning about feedback boosting some 20 days ago. The support team told you they reviewed your case in detail, and they think that you or someone you know bought your services just so you/he can give you a good review.
Since this is a second warning of the same type, you got restricted, and they won't reply to you except maybe boot-like answers.

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