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I'm a student and also a photographer. I started out during COVID and mostly my clients were from Instagram itself. I was doing pretty well till my 12th grade and now I no longer have any clients. IDK where I lost the flow or anything but I'm trying on regaining my workflow. Does anyone have any advices or suggestions?

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Since you mentioned Instagram, I'm guessing you mean general advice, rather than Fiverr-specific advice. (I don't know how long ago "12th grade" is for you, so I don't know how long ago that was, so I have to assume this was recent.) (Feel free to clarify if these guesses are wrong.) 

About 3 weeks ago, I saw a HUGE number of videos pop up in my 'recommended' on YouTube saying that (quote from the video I picked to watch) "artists are leaving Instagram in droves for this new site." 

If you're implying this change for you was longer ago, there's also the advent of AI art to take into consideration. 

There's really not much information in your post to go off of, but if you want some very general business advice that might apply to your situation, maybe this:


(This YouTube channel has a LOT of good business advice, but most of the content is LONG. Business is complicated, and learning and succeeding in business is no small nor quick feat, so check out the playlists, use the in-channel search, and bring a notebook.)

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