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New Client Mistake! Gave Wrong Rating



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27 minutes ago, u_e0c8c9c1014e said:

Imagine working really hard on Fiverr, trying your best with every job, and then getting a low rating by mistake.

There is no need for such an emotional back story. 4.7 is NOT a low rating. 

It's business and things happen all the time - sometimes buyers give wrong ratings by mistake or once in a blue moon system has bugs too. These days we get the notification for the public rating 30-40 minutes after buyer's submission, because system gives them time to fix if they have made any mistakes or if they gave wrong rating unintentionally. 

Also, asking a buyer to change the rating/reasoning behind a rating or even raising a ticket can lead to your account getting flagged for review manipulation!! 

The safety of your account is MUCH MORE important than one review. 

And there is barely any difference between 4.7 and 5.0. In the long term, it will all average out. 


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11 minutes ago, u_e0c8c9c1014e said:

The client admitted it was a mistake, but even though I've reached out to Fiverr's support team, I haven't received a response yet.

When the buyer gave the rating did you then ask the buyer about that rating and maybe about why it wasn't higher?

It's safest not to ask them about the rating they gave as Fiverr could see it as pressuring the buyer about it to try to get them to change it.

Sellers have received warnings for trying to get buyers to change their ratings.

Also there might be less Fiverr staff on the weekend if it happened on the weekend.

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Had similar situation few months ago

I confirmed from buyer, if its mistake or intentional

I also mentioned that if its intentional, I respect their opinion and if somewhere issue, will try to improve...

But buyer confirmed, it was due to confusion caused by new UI

I suggested to submit ticket. and they changed it.


Just make sure to use correct wording and that you aren't asking for 5/5

but to make review reflect exactly what client wants

and its not manipulation, but correction


Edit: Not sure how it will work now, as they disable review after 1h ?

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32 minutes ago, priyank_mod said:

They themselve admitted that.and they said how that happened 

and as you said 4.7 is ok but why should i compromise on that when i delivered the best work and they loved the work and had good conversations.

it might be an error or client had an issue since they are new to fiverr 

that is why i am talking about issue

this kind of ratings will definetly impact ratings and gigs and profile



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