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I Suddenly got Banned



Hello, my banned account's name is Doggozilla.

(its an average level 2 illustrations gigs type account)

I made this post because my ticket (#11785242) hasn't been answered yet.

Long story short, I've been working on my Fiverr commissions as usual for the past 4 years, and suddenly, this morning, all of my orders got canceled, and my account was permanently disabled without any review or even 'flagged' written on the email. Even Fiverr still emailed me about my stats decreasing a few minutes ago (I don't know if they are mocking my banned account or something else by doing that).  As far as I know, I haven't violated any of Fiverr's ToS. I’ve never engaged in review manipulation or invited clients to use other platforms. Some clients have asked for my email, but I always refused and continued to work on Fiverr.

Even with my slow work pace and sometimes late deliveries, I've never received a rating below 5 stars (except for a couple of times, yeah 3 or 4 stars happen). I don't think my active clients have reported me, as I have two active projects that only started 2-5 days ago.

There was one person I forgot to reply to a year ago because we hadn’t agreed on the project terms. A few months ago, he came back and said rude things to me, so I blocked him. But I don't think that’s the reason I got banned either

So, I'm hoping to get an answer. If I did violate the ToS, I understand. But if it’s just a miscommunication, it’s a shame to lose my Level 2 account after 4 years.


Thank you. 



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Hi @doggozyla, sorry to read this was the case with your account. However, having more than one account is a violation of our Terms of Service so it might be best to have this one completely deleted from the system if you get the other account back. Our Customer Support team will get back to you shortly, sadly here on the Forum we don't have the option to resolve any account-related issues. Please make sure to respond through the existing ticket instead of opening a new one on the same subject, since that can only slow the process down. Rest assured everything will be looked into and the team will inform you about any decision made on the subject. Good luck 🍀

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