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Incorrect Rating and Review Count on Google Search Results



I’ve recently noticed an issue with my Fiverr gig's rating and review count as displayed in Google search results. On my Fiverr profile, I have a 5-star rating with 8 reviews, and I have never received a rating lower than 5 stars. However, Google search results are showing a 1.7-star rating with 4 reviews. This discrepancy is quite concerning as it may negatively impact potential clients' perceptions.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? If so, how did you resolve it? Thanks.


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Google's probably showing that from their cache of that gig page. It shows "4 reviews" when it now has 8 reviews.

When Google crawls the web and the sitemap files that Fiverr will allow Google's webcrawler to check (such as all active gig pages), it doesn't mean Google's webcrawler will definitely crawl and update their index with all those web pages every day. It might just occasionally update their index for some pages, which is why the Google cache can be out of date. Though Google doesn't allow the option to view the cached versions of pages fully now, though bing does. (though probably won't have every page). So things could have been like that at one time on the live site.

Though if you look at the page source of your gig page currently it says:


..."description":"Fiverr freelancer will provide Website Development services and be your svelte and sveltekit expert including Functional website within 5 days","aggregateRating":{"@type":"AggregateRating","ratingValue":"1.7","reviewCount":"8","bestRating":"5",....

Maybe Google is getting the "Rating: 1.7" from that ""ratingValue":"1.7" shown in the page source - even though Fiverr doesn' show it as 1.7 in the normal page view.

You could contact customer support at the help desk and show them what's happening and if there's an incorrect value stored with your gig you could ask them if it can be fixed.

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