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ID Verification Experience

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I recently received an invitation from Fiverr to join their new "Profession" feature, and subsequently, my 10-year-old TRS account has been temporarily restricted due to their AI-based verification app. I had already completed the verification process before, so it is puzzling why Fiverr is forcing me to reverify my account for this new "Profession" feature when it was already verified. This restriction has caused me to lose an important client.

In the second week of this month, I attempted the verification process twice, but it failed each time. I used my government-issued driver's license for verification, the same ID I used back in 2021. There appears to be a glitch in Fiverr's verification process. Their AI-based system is failing to match the image on my ID with my selfie, resulting in my account being restricted.

I admit that the selfie and the picture on my ID look slightly different as I am older now, but it is still me.

I am disheartened, and it feels like the new "Profession" feature has cost me my TRS account.

Fiverr should avoid placing restrictions on accounts that have not breached the Terms of Service. The "Profession" feature is new, and it shouldn't negatively impact anyone's profile due to glitches in their app.

Support reached out to me on Tuesday and acknowledged there was a glitch. However, 24 hours after their email, my account was restricted, and now it has been over 24 hours without any further response to my follow-up email.

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16 minutes ago, atulcodex said:


So what's next?


I'm patiently awaiting a response from customer support, as I understand the restriction is due to an issue with their verification process. I hope someone from their team will follow up on this thread soon.

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Welcome to the group of those affected, this has been a Fiverr problem for about 2 or 3 weeks. They do not recognize their mistake yet and have kept us waiting for several days. There are some people who have already solved their problem but there are others like me who have been waiting for more than 10 days with no response.

The only thing the Fiverr staff says is the following:

- The specialized team is reviewing your case, meanwhile your account will remain restricted.

- You cannot send any proof of identity via CS Ticket.

- The resolution time can take up to 120 days so we ask for your patience while the specialized team continues to review your case.

- Nothing can be done, no manual verifications can be requested because the specialized team is in charge.

They do not give any other kind of response, they have no initiative to help us and the worst thing is that they keep thinking that their system is fine when it clearly is not.

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I just encountered this issue, but after I was able to successfully re-verify my account, it was restored my Customer Service. However, they still don't seem to understand that this was part of the "Profession" system, but are acting as though it was my first verification (I've been working on this platform for like, 7 years).

Worse yet, due to the restriction, my account has now been unjustly flagged, removing my Level Two seller status and banning me from using the level system. This means I am losing out on every feature that I earned.

I hate to be the bearer of half bad news, but even if they restore your account, you might find your Seller Level nuked. Additionally, I've heard that flagged accounts are pretty much shadow banned from searches, so the possibilities of new clients organically finding your gigs is basically nil.

What a joke.

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Update on this issue:

Support reached out to me after 48 hours and manually approved my ID verification. They restored my account along with all the changes, including the Top Rated badge. Everything will be fully restored within the next 24 hours.

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