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Fiverr Master Card Varification Scam

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I was scammed yesterday by someone posing as Fiverr customer support. They sent me a message claiming that my account was temporarily blocked because my card was not verified on Fiverr.

Disclaimer: Please note that this incident was a scam and not an actual communication from Fiverr customer support.

fake fiverr.jpg

fiver crime.jpg


Screenshot 2024-06-27 003810.jpg

Screenshot 2024-06-27 005145.jpg

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20 minutes ago, md_minhaj_raju said:

This happened to all new user, why fiverr don't take action? 

They said they prohibited people from putting "Fiver" or "Support" in their display name:

but the scam message in the original post from 26th June 2024 has "Support Fiverr" in it. So either it's still possible to enter "Support" or "Fiverr" in the display name (either on the browser or app version) or they're old accounts that Fiverr hasn't searched for and suspended/banned yet (and hasn't yet decided to, even though they should).

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