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If you could grow or change your business in one way TODAY and money was no object...


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Howdy everyone - 

I love picking others' brains (not in a Zombie-like fashion, at least on Wednesdays) in and out of my own industry (Voiceover) to see what makes a business tick, and I'd love to know your take on the following.

If I gave you a blank check (access to unlimited funding, for those that don't do checks) today and told you that you had to use that money to solve a single business problem or challenge or fulfill one of your business goals in the next 24 hours, how would you invest it? What would you change? How would you grow?

Working with a branding and marketing expert to reach that "next level" maybe? A crazy hardware upgrade for your operation? Bigger water cooler? More donuts in your office? 1800 Funko Pops to line your studio's walls?

Apart from giving yourself the biggest bonus check known to man so you could immediately close up shop and retire (wouldn't we all?) I'd love to hear what gears start turning for you.

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I would probably devote it to market research and fine-tuning targeted marketing/ad campaigns for products and services I offer as an affiliate marketer (outside of Fiverr, and Fiverr itself -- I am a buyer, seller, and affiliate here).





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I would acquire a niche heat-transfer device manufacturer and begin developing the most compact heat-transfer devices on the planet. 

  • Imagine a heat-pump that fits on the palm of your hand, or cools data centers and AI super-computers
  • Imagine a device on a boat that cools air, heats water, makes clean fresh potable water - all from renewable energy
    • I accomplished this a few years ago on a marine yacht
  • Imagine using momentum waves as a mechanism to create optimized heat-transfer devices
  • Imagine...
    • I have a long, long list... ☺️


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