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Help Needed: Withdrawal "In Process" for Over 7 Days



Hello Fiverr Community,

I hope everyone is doing well.

I am experiencing an issue with a recent withdrawal and was hoping someone here might be able to offer some advice or share similar experiences. On June 19, 2024, I withdrew funds to my Payoneer account, but the status on Fiverr has been stuck at "In process" ever since. Today is June 26, 2024, and this is the longest delay I have ever encountered with a withdrawal.

I contacted Fiverr Support, and their initial response didn't address the issue. I also reached out to Payoneer support, and they confirmed that there are no upcoming payments on their end because the status on Fiverr hasn't changed to "Transferred successfully."

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how was it resolved? Are there any additional steps I should take to expedite this process? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,


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