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My was Account Flagged



Hi there. I'm kenny and i'm a content writer. I was working on Fiverr for 8 years and i've compleated 161 orders in that time. my account was flagged. I tried to comunicate with Fiverr resolution center but i think i talked with AI because i got same message for my several tickets. I'm trying comunicate with a real person from Fiverr team but i dont know how can i do it. 

They made a mistake, I didn't do anything wrong.

I want help from those who experienced a similar incident before do and how can I contact a real person from the Fiverr team?




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3 minutes ago, ratanml said:

1.It sounds like your account was flagged on Fiverr. Unfortunately, I can't directly access Fiverr's systems to provide specific reasons.Typically, account flags can happen for various reasons such as violating terms of service, suspicious activity, or other issues. I recommend contacting Fiverr's support team directly for assistance with your specific situation.

Why are you acting like a Fiverr Staff and why copying their comments? Are you really a Fiverr staff member? Definitely, why would you have an access to their system? :classic_blink:

Please avoid guiding others like this. If unable to say anything, then don't say anything at all. 🙏

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