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Client Not responding to revisions and added work more then initially agreed


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Hello Everyone, It's been almost 4 months since I started the fiver and the buyer is trying to ruin my hard work for the second time.

1) The first time the buyer refused to complete the order and complained at the Fiver dispute center that I was trying to mislead him, In reality, he was an outsourcer of the same niche, and he just didn't need the order then, because one day before he was overjoyed with the results and he wanted me o send the files as soon as possible the moment I sent the files he refused to work he didn't even bother to reply. but anyways let bygones be bygones


The real problem is currently there is a buyer who hired me almost 10 days ago saying he is in a hurry and he is talking with 10 developers so just give me the least, I gave him the least, and he sent me the requirements. I completed the order on time and delivered it. It was a day order, and 2 days later he sent the revision without clearing what he wanted. he didn't respond to me for another 2 days so I just added some more analysis and redelivered the order, 2 days later he again sent me the revision and a long document containing requirements double those agreed upon at the order time, and now he is again not responding.

It's frustrating, Kindly guide me on what this situation

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