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Question on Negative Feedback


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Can a buyer change his review from “thumbs up” to “thumbs down” solely for the seller being offline for a mere 6 hours?

I had a buyer who placed his order 03:30 and I delivered the graphic 1.5 hours later (~5:00). About ten hours after my delivery, the buyer marks the order as completed and gives me a positive “thumbs up” review. I go to bed, happy with the work done for the day.

Six hours later when I wake up, I see that the review has been changed to a negative, “thumbs down”. When I ask the buyer why the review was changed, she states that I was not “responsive”. Apparently she had, after she had marked the order as completed, changed her mind and PMed me with revisions. But since it was in the middle of the night here, I was fast asleep. I had been offline for 6 hours (yes, I counted) from the point of where she asked for the revisions, to the point of where she changed my review from positive to negative.

I responded that I would revise her graphic, even though she had marked it complete, but at the time she refused to cooperate with me, stating I was “too slow” and that she already had asked another artist to do the graphic.

When I did an image search, I found her using my graphic …

I contacted customer support but it’s been 25 days and no response. What can I do in cases like these? I don’t feel this review is just. Tips, please?

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