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Hello Everyone Few days back i got email from support team that

"We have reviewed your Gigs and have determined that the services you are offering harm the integrity of our marketplace and violate our Community Standards and our Terms of Service.

As a result, your account is currently under review by our Trust and Safety team."

But the issue is that I have thoroughly read Community Standards and Terms of Service but unable to know that which terms i have violated even requested team to tell me so that i can get it corrected. while reading the terms i came to know that this seller is clearly violating the  various terms but his account and gigs are still active. I request team either restore my account and help me to get it fixed as per terms or suspended this seller's account too.There must be same rules for old as well new sellers  as i have taken inspiration from this seller and created gigs without violating any community standards as this seller is doing but my gigs are removed without giving any clarification but this seller is still active.

Community Standards and Terms of Services Violated by this seller

  1. "Fake engagement or traffic"

Any forms of artificial engagement through bots, click farms, or other illegitimate techniques intended to increase followers, views, likes, fans, or traffic. Such techniques are in direct violation of third parties’ terms of service and practices, and undermine the integrity and confidence of our platform. "

Duplicate Gigs offering same service

Moreover this seller created multiple gigs in same category to manipulate the gig search and ranking so that his gigs are shown multiple times in the same category which will increase sales so indirectly manipulating fiverr's search algorithm. 

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@pkpromotions It's sad and very unfortunate to hear that your account got terminated.

However, I would suggest putting effort into getting your account unblocked rather than trying to get others gigs terminated. It will get you nowhere. Also, it's completely against the TOS to mention other seller's usernames or their profile screenshots without their permission. What you're doing is really wrong, and by violating the terms again and again, you're just making things more difficult for yourself.

Also, yes, that seller has created multiple gigs in one category -- but one gig targets the "USA" audience and another targets the "worldwide" audience. So, I don't think it's violating the terms since the target audiences are completely different.

Also, your claim that the seller is using bots is not supported by anything written in their gig or by the reviews.


If you have solid proof, sure, feel free to report their gig. But again, I would suggest focusing on your own profile instead of stalking others and making their life difficult.


@Lena Could you please edit the OP's post and remove the screenshots, as it's against the TOS to mention other sellers usernames and details? Thank you!

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