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Virus disguised as Zoom Call

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This user sends me a really good but still realistic project and budget and when I say yes he ask if I can jump on a quick call. He sends me a zoom link but with a modified adress and I report it, he starts being pushy, I send him the zoom call from fiver and starts being rude saying how can I expect his whole team registers to fiverr just to be in the call I check in my zoom if the link he sent me is valid but zoom says it's not, I reported his link as outside communication but it turns out it's probably a virus, so I google search for the link and yes, it's a trojan for identity theft. so I reported the user and all his messages but 3 hours have passed and he is still active. 

I checked his time vs the country he is supposed to be in and it's like 5 hours of difference. So how can I report this more effectively or what am I doing wrong why is not banned more quizkly he could be scamming a ton of people in that period of time 

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