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Secrets How To Rank Your Fiverr Gigs Secrets in 24h

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my is 1 on fiverr in 20h

ctreeHow To Rank Your Fiverr Gigs

1/ Have your Keyword in the gig Title.

2/Use your Keyword within the Tags.

3/ Upload a Video. (More exposure within the “has video section”)

4/ Use “Express delivery” to get more exposure within the “Express gigs” section.

5/ Ask all your buyers to collect your gig.

You could/should also use your Keyword within the description, the extras and as a username (if you want to.)

Some people claims to increase their ranking by using the Keyword within the BIO too.

6 Tweet your Fiverr gig Url.

(Using Addmefast as I’ve explained or the WTB/WTT section on SEOClerks perhaps?)

7/ Inbox buyers from similar gigs & offer them a better service. (Browse around similar gigs on Fiverr and tell those buyers to purchase your gig instead)

8 / Try to have at least 1 order in queue since this makes your gig looks popular & active.

You could also use SEOClerks WTB/WTT section and find people who collects your Fiverr gigs.

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I am not sure if it is ethical to contact the buyers of your “colleagues” here with the intention of stealing their business.

If I were a buyer and I would get a message like that I would feel extremely annoyed about the solicitation - especially if I was happy with the service I received. Just my two cents. 😉

Your other tips are great! Thanks.

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