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How can i get my first order?


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There are many way to improve your personal bio. First visit some old freelancer profile and take a look about there profile in your sector. Than you can make a professional profile that will help you to get more clients.

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Better gig impressions and clicks on Fiverr needs a combination of optimization, marketing, and providing high-quality services. Share your gig on social media platforms, forums, or communities related to your niche.

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14 hours ago, sabbir_me_ said:

How many hours i need to active on fiverr for best response?

Beeing active is time-wasting if you have nothing to do. Instead, try to improve your skills; improve your gigs, profile and portfolio to attract buyers.

13 hours ago, ab_rehman87 said:

Basically you need to stay online acording to your target audience just check for when their day starts so you have to stay up at that time ok

Stop misguiding the others as you are a newbie too. 

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