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Seller Score not changing!!!



I have 250 5star reviews. I used to be a level 2 seller but now I am stuck on level 0 because my success score is fixed on 4. It is not increasing even after so many order and reviews. 
Negative impact is because of "Effective Communication" and "Client Satisfaction". I don't know what to do. My average response time is 1 hour, and all reviews are 5 stars.

What can I do to fix this?

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Hello Abhi,

I was a seller at level two as well. I was also demoted to level 0 about 3 months ago and was stuck. I couldn't understand what was happening but just last week my score went from 4 to 5. Right now I'm back to level one and slowly climbing back up. 5 isn't so good but atleast it changed my level status.


/What I did/

I completed a several of orders from returning buyers. Always made sure I responded in time as well as delivering on time. Other than that, I don't think there is anything else one can do because it's hard to understand how the new algorithm works. 

I hope your account gets back up soon. 


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