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Unfair Account Suspension Due to Bank Error - Need Community Help


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Hello Fiverr Community,

I’m reaching out to seek your advice and support regarding an unfair suspension of my Fiverr account.Here’s what happened:

On 1 March 2024, I completed an order (FO218B0D83786) on Fiverr. I was fully satisfied with the seller, and everything went smoothly as always.

Then, my bank mistakenly included this and other Fiverr charges in a dispute while targeting an unrelated unrecognized charge. I immediately contacted my bank to rectify this error on the same day.

Despite resolving the issue with my bank, I received a notification from PayPal about a chargeback for my latest Fiverr purchase. I confirmed with PayPal that the charge was valid and no action was necessary.

Within seconds, I received several warnings and ultimatums from Fiverr, culminating in an email stating that my account was disabled. All of them automated. I didn’t even have a chance to explain that there was no dispute from my end!

I’ve clarified everything with both PayPal and my bank, ensuring that all charges are accepted and no disputes exist. Despite this, Fiverr has disabled my account, allowing access for 60 days before permanent suspension.

I have been a loyal Fiverr user for years, spending thousands of dollars on the platform. This harsh reaction feels extremely unfair, especially since I acted promptly to correct the bank’s mistake and ensured there were no actual disputes.

I desperately need help here, tried to write to FiverrSelect@fiverr.com but didn't even got a reply.

Any suggestions on how to escalate this within Fiverr to get a fair review?

This situation has been very frustrating, and I hope to resolve it with the support of the Fiverr community, as I can't get any human contact within Fiverr support. 

Thank you,

Antonio Pedraza

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Hello Antonio,

I'm sorry to hear about the situation you're facing. Fiverr automatically disables buyer accounts after several disputes or chargebacks to ensure the security of the platform. Given your situation, where the disputes were mistakenly initiated by your bank, it's important to communicate this clearly to Fiverr Support.

Please open a support ticket by emailing support@fiverr.com and provide a detailed explanation of what happened. Make sure to include all relevant information and any documentation you have from your bank and PayPal confirming that there are no ongoing disputes. Please note that the support queue may be long, so it might take around 48 hours for you to receive a reply. However, if you haven't violated any of Fiverr's terms, there's a good chance you'll get your account reinstated.

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Sorry to hear about your sad experience with Fiverr's automated system. It's understandable that you feel unfairly treated, especially given your loyal customer history and prompt resolution of the bank error.

You should try  to contact Fiverr's support team again, explaining the situation clearly and providing evidence of the resolved dispute and your bank's confirmation. You may also want to reach out to Fiverr's  support channels or consider opening a ticket through their help center. It's essential to remain calm and professional in your communication, highlighting your positive history on the platform.

The community is here to support you, and I hope you get a fair review and resolution soon.

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Hi @jpedraza, I've just checked this and I can see that the warnings are not from March, but from a few days ago (for different payments). When you get 2 of the same warnings, the account gets restricted automatically, as the first warning is considered a learning opportunity, and the second (same type) always leads to restriction. While your account is under review, the team will look into this all. You can email them again explaining the situation, however after that, I recommend  waiting patiently to hear back from them, since in the meantime you'll only get the auto-response for a restricted account query. Hope this helps a bit, good luck 🍀

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