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My account has been suspended - without getting any warning or reason

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Hey everyone!

I recently got an email from Fiverr saying that 


After careful consideration, we've disabled your Fiverr account for violating our Comunity Standard policies.  

Please be aware that after the 60-day period, your account will be permanently suspended.

I was not informed on why exaclty my account was suspended and neither did I get any warning beforehand. The services I offer are TOEFL, Math tutoring and Social Media Management. I informed them on what my services include and was open to discuss more on this since I believe there has been a misunderstanding. 

I am really worried about this since Fiverr is my main source of income and I have worked hard to build my profile and get my initial orders. 

I would really appreciate your help!

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You could contact Fiverr support at the help desk or at support@fiverr.com to get more info on the reason or to dispute it.

Maybe it was something to do with this: https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020869658-Academic-and-workplace-dishonesty-on-Fiverr

You had a gig for "help you in math" where you offered "help you solve 1-2 problems" to students.

It depends if Fiverr sees it as helping them with their actual homework rather than you just teaching them things generally. If you were helping them with their homework it would likely be against the TOS/community standards, but teaching them generally or proofreading their completed work would be okay.

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