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Says Negative review after buyer gave 5 stars!

Guest rockerbabe

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Guest rockerbabe

I had this buyer who first gave me 1 star then he edited it and changed to 5 stars, mistakes happen right? NO

I now have one postive review for that and other negative review for that too in my analytics?

Technically, I don’t have any bad review, so why does it say I do …

I didn’t post this in FAQ because I believe it’s not a bug!!

other question, I had a buy who order then right away cancel his order’ORDER CANCELLED BY FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT’

now if he cancelled right away why would I get the order of cancellation higher cause I technically didn’t cancel anything, he did!!!

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Guest laughingcrow

Any cancellation that is not a mutual cancellation (so started by buyer or seller, and accepted by the other) is going to give you cancellation ratio.

This includes:

  • Seller asked for a cancel, buyer didn’t respond and it was cancelled automatically
  • Buyer asked for a cancel, seller didn’t respond and it was cancelled automatically
  • CS cancelled the order because buyer or seller broke ToS or started a Paypal/Payoneer dispute and had their accounts locked

    If he cancelled before he even gave you the job requirements, it shouldn’t affect your PUBLIC cancellation ratio, but you can still see it in your own dashboard. It’s just private.

    You can always contact Customer Support, explain the situation and that give them proof what happened and asked them to correct the doubled-up rating.
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I’m going to pipe in that I can’t stand how Analytics represent mutual cancellations as negative cancels.

If mutual cancellations mean nothing, why include them in the ratio I see.

If they’re really “as if nothing ever happened” as our friendly dispute bot says, why not actually make it that way so I don’t have to have this alarming red segment.

Never happened? Then I don’t want to see it. List them somewhere, sure, but if it’s not part of my outgoing statistics I don’t want it measured and in my face. At least make them green or something.

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Guest designlogo7

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