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My account was disabled in November, 2023. After 90 days, a withdrawal link was sent to me February 25, 2024. While trying to withdraw my funds, the account got disabled again with the funds in it and I was sent an email to wait till after 90 days. The 90 days has been completed and even passed but I didn't receive any email from fiverr regarding withdrawal. I contacted support but I didnt get any relevant feedback. Please if you've faced issues related to this, kindly render help. it is over $1000. I need your help, suggestions and advice please.  has anyone faced this issue before? (please reply to my post)

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1 hour ago, smartdezigns said:

@milos_siena or @ana_tomy Kindly help OP. Thanks.

Thanks @smartdezigns ☺️

Hi @tantolz, I've just checked and I see that this account was created 3 days ago, so no sign of the restrictions and withdrawal issues you've mentioned. Let me remind you that having more than one account is against our Terms of Service and will lead to having them all blocked.

Sadly without the username connected to the account, I'm unable to check this. Also, you should know that any account-related issues can be resolved by our Customer Support only, and the Forum is not a replacement for it.

Thanks for understanding and good luck 🍀

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