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Urgent Help Needed: Account Flagged Due to Alleged Location Inconsistencies



Hello Fiverr Community,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Muhammad Javed, and my Fiverr account username is javedstar22. I recently received a notification from Fiverr Customer Support stating that my account has been flagged due to alleged location inconsistencies or activities suggesting violations of Fiverr's Terms of Service.

Here is the response I received from Fiverr Customer Support:

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to Fiverr Customer Support regarding the status of your account.

After careful review, your account has been flagged due to location inconsistencies or other activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service. Consequently, your participation in Fiverr's level system is permanently restricted.

Please be advised that this was reviewed multiple times and the decision is final. For more information on our policies and guidance on adherence, please refer to our Community Standards.

Best regards,

The Fiverr Team

I believe this action was taken in error and would like to provide additional context:

Location Consistency: Recently, I traveled to my village, which is 900 km away from my city, due to a personal issue—the death of my uncle. This may have caused location inconsistencies in my account activity.

Adherence to Terms of Service: I have been an active member of the Fiverr community for two years and have always strived to adhere to Fiverr's Terms of Service and Community Standards. My response rate on Fiverr is consistently 100%, and my success rate is 9 out of 10, both of which are strong indicators of my commitment to providing excellent service. I believe my account was flagged in error based on these metrics.

Supporting Evidence: I have screenshots of my profile showing my response rate and success rate, as well as my bank statement to verify my identity and consistent activity.

If there are any other reasons for flagging my account, could someone please provide detailed information so I can address them appropriately?

This matter is very serious to me as my freelance career depends on it. I appreciate any guidance or assistance from the community or support team on how to resolve this issue and have my account reinstated.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Best regards,
Muhammad Javed


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@javedstar22 Most of the time, Fiverr flags accounts due to the connection with other disabled accounts (meaning if you had any other account in the past). There could be other reasons as well, but this is usually the reason for the flagging.

Many times, we have seen people on the Forum getting flagged (due to false warnings from the algorithm) and then unflagged, so try requesting customer support to review this once again (even if they tell you that the decision is final -- which is just a copy-paste automated message) -- only if you're confident that you have not violated any terms and did not have any other account in the past.

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