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There should be a button to “pause” the order, and that does not imply more sanctions from Fiverr against sellers.

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It seems to me a problem that Fiverr does not take into account, the cases in which a buyer contracts a gig and activates the order without sending all the instructions to complete the gig properly, in this case there should be a button for sellers to “suspend” or “pause” activation of the gig, because the time starts to run, and the only alternative that Fiverr leaves us, is the “resolution center” that only allows us to “cancel” the order.

This seems unfair to me, of course canceling will not only affect our rating, but will generate a serious qualification in the unfortunate occurrence of the “success score”, so that sellers are left against the wall, between a platform that understands less and less the situation of the sellers, and that qualifies severely and in a non-transparent way, when we dare to generate a “conflictive order”, even if it is due to a bad behavior of the buyer.

Many buyers are not willing to listen and understand the importance that this has for us, because not only do they end up leaving us with less time available for when we have the instructions, but also, from what I have read in this forum, fiverr also penalizes if we deliver an order in the last hours, so this is a lose-lose situation for sellers.

The fairest thing would be to have something as simple as a button to put a stop to those buyers who do not read the terms correctly, and pause or suspend the gig clock, when there is such an obvious situation, such as the fact that it is not possible to move forward without instructions.

Hopefully fiverr might consider it someday, or I don't know if I'm missing something, and if there is a solution currently available, other than trying to convince to hurry up an inconsiderate buyer.


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