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Regarding adding option to note down buyer information

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The buyer gives us a lot of information during our work. Such as website login access, many information required. Which gets lost in the crowd of many messages.

One such client I have been working with for a long time. He gave me much needed information in messages. But since I have so many messages with him I am having a hard time finding that information now. Almost with every client runs into the same problem. The client's information gets lost in the rush of messages.

If Fiverr comes with a note option next to the message, where we can save a client's required information as a note, I think it will be very useful for us. Hope it is much needed for us.


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16 hours ago, priyank_mod said:

This feature is available on the order page - right side.


Yes, This features Available but It's on Order page, I think it will also better for us if it will add on General Message Page. 

Because i we did multiple projects on same buyer. If we note all information in one place, it will be more better for us.

Hopefully you understand my thinking.

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