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I know that I am not the only seller who has this issue. I have put out two gigs and both of them were immediately answered by three scammers. However, the problem is that I can only flag one and report it to Fiverr. All three of the scammers are asking me to get off of Fiverr ASAP. I know that one of Fiverr's rules is to mainly communicate on this site. However, for the other two. With the other two, I cannot find a way to report them. With the latest one who wants me to email them at their Gmail account, I just created a label called scam (I am wondering if that is another good thing to do). But my question is, what do I do to those scammers where I can't find the report button on when the contact me? How do I report them to Fiverr?

I am going to create more gigs, and I know I'm going to have to wait a while for a real buyer to communicate only via Fiverr to help them with whatever project they need completed.

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