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How many folks is this impacting?

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Good day everyone,

I've been reading the forums and it seems there are a few topics on it but I thought I'd still address it once again.

With the recent up from Fiverr moving to Success Score, I really wonder how many persons on the platform are being severely impacted by it. My quality of delivery, service, communication and so forth are all still top tier yet I find the impressions, clicks and orders have all taken a serious nose-dive as if the platform has suddenly become a ghost town. Has the implementation of the Success Score completely warped this platform such that those who were performing well are suddenly at the bottom of the pool or is there something more sinister going on? I think I've read somewhere that the platform also lost a chunk of the customer base, does anyone have proof of this?

I find it quite strange.

I also have found that persons who were offering services at reasonable prices have now all dropped down to nearly 50-60% price cuts just as it would seem, to stay relevant and to survive on the platform, I also wonder how many of you are doing the same. Are there also some serious bugs that is plaguing the platform given this major update?

So really, how many of you is this impacting?

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