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Fiverr is not fair any more



Hey Fiverr community,

I'm writing this with a heavy heart to express my deep frustration and disappointment with the platform.

A month ago, I woke up to a message from Fiverr saying my account had been flagged for allegedly working outside the platform. This was a complete shock to me, as I always refuse such requests to avoid being scammed. After a month of desperately communicating with Fiverr support, all I received were cold, automated messages stating my account was under review and that I needed to wait 60 days. When I sent another email, they finally responded, but with the heartbreaking news that my account had been suspended.

But that's not all. I had four active orders, and for one of them, I had already delivered the project and the payment was just three days away from clearing. The buyer requested the source code files, but with Fiverr cutting off my access to my account, I couldn't communicate with the buyer directly. The buyer then went to support, and they canceled the entire order we had worked on for three long months, giving all the money back to the buyer. Where is the fairness in that? Who can I turn to for help when all I receive are the same repetitive, automated responses from the AI tool?

Can anyone help?


PS: I can provide any kind of prove for my words.


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Thanks , I'm really not worry about the money either the ban from the platform. my only take is when you work very hard to get your account to Top Rated or level 3 and one day there is nothing left and you can't even know why does it happened or a way to solve the issue. even the user make an unforgivable action there is a way to make it right. 

but from what I'm seeing it , this is not fair , not justice , not professional.. and they need to solve there issues.
I'm honestly thinking about moving to another platform since I need to start from the bottom up.

3 hours ago, raj_skilled said:

Don't worry



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