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Advice for newbies--Beware of scams!! Read this first!!!


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Here's what happened. I'm a newbie. I just registered an account and received a message from someone claiming to be a Fiverr customer service, reminding me to verify my payment account through the QR code in his picture.



At this point I had no idea it was a scam account, the avatar, the name, everything was so reasonable, and Fiverr did not filter the account out for me!


Everything just happened like that. I used my phone to scan into the website (because Fiverr also scanned in to verify the account phone and ID information at the beginning, which made me not suspicious). After I was deducted more than $1000, I became a little suspicious and asked them to refund me or I would not verify again. Then I sent a message to ask a support request. Three days later I got a reply that this was really a scam!


Everything on their website looks so real! Except for that damn verification page, everything else is real!

and the url:  https://fiverr.help-activate-shop.com     /        order/           64135026    Never click!

This experience has made me very depressed. I need to make at least $1000 on Fiverr to make up for my losses and make me happy 😭😭😭

If you have any picture editing needs, you can contact me at any time, the best service😭😭😭

Reminder again! Beware of scams! ! ! !😭😭😭


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