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New on Fiverr but have a portfolio



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 Hi esther_jc 😁 first you have to create a service, as you may not have the "portfolio" option activated yet. You have to put the examples in the options of your service. In your profile and in the description of the service, put how many years of experience you have. Use wisely the types of multimedia that you have available. For example, 1 Video, 3 Images, and 2 PDFS (you can use them as images with the same size as the images, and also add your work process, more examples and use cases).

Take good care of every detail of the Title, tags and the cover, this is what will make them click on your service.
Then, for them to buy, your description, package types, prices, and previous reviews matter.

At first your objective will be to get your first clients, it is easier for them to buy from you if someone has already evaluated the quality of your services within the platform, it may suit you or charge cheaper, or your basic service may be attractive for its price. limited time offer.

Learn from the best, when I want to do a new service, I look for all those who offer the same service, mainly top sellers, I choose 5 to 10 to analyze, and I learn from them, there is a reason they are the best, what covers they use, because They divide their packages that way, FAQs, what tags they use, as presented in their description. I watch the videos, I note what they do well, what I could improve. I also look at what I could offer that they don't, what service a place could have. I also consider whether I lack skills to solve a certain activity, and I consider studying or improving more.

Another thing is to search in the Fiverr search engine for the number of gigs for that service, if there are more than 2000-5000 it may be more difficult to enter, than if there are 500-1000, sometimes you can offer the same service, but with some keywords that you know your potential clients will be looking for and have a shorter search with less competition.

I hope it has helped you, greetings and good sales!

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