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How can I get more buyers. Someone help me!


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Hello everyone!

I know the title is a bit exaggerated, but I really need advice on how to get more clients.

In my 46 days on Fiverr, I haven't found any clients. I have invested hours (even in the middle of the night) to change my gigs, modify them, and find the right words so that my impressions turn into sales, but I haven't achieved anything yet. Every day I've logged into the platform to try to achieve something, but no one has knocked on my door yet. Any advice?

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There are too many sellers making flyers on Fiverr, so its an almost-already saturated category while infographic is a very low-demand category because not everyday businesses need infographics. 

You are allowed to create 4 gigs - so create more specific gigs for combinations of "in-demand" service + industries i.e. process flow graphics for generative AI apps or something else which has increasingly high demand but a lesser number of sellers offering it. 

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