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what is make a good impact in a gig a gig video or gig image or both?


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Both are important for building credibility and trust

I would advise you to use your own images and make them as crisp and high-quality as possible. This is important for gaining trust and credibility with potential new clients

Videos are also beneficial. On top of this, I recommend adding your voice to the video, giving a brief description of the services you provide. Start with a 10-second intro where you describe your services, followed by a video that showcases them. In my view, adding your voice reassures clients that they are dealing with a genuine person, not a scammer or an AI-generated Fiverr profile

All this, combined with having a few 5-star reviews, creates a good combination for attracting potential clients

Finally, make sure you are not offering services in an oversaturated niche. If the market is too crowded, it will be difficult to get orders even if you follow the tips above

Best of luck!

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