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How to Restore Visibility to My Gig on Fiverr?



I'm a new seller on Fiverr, just started my account four days ago. I created a gig related to my niche, making sure it followed all the rules. It was doing well, showing up at the top of search results, until suddenly my account got flagged for seemingly no reason. I haven't even had any interactions with buyers yet. 

I reached out to Fiverr customer support, but all I get is automated responses that don't address my issue. The weirdest part is that even though flagged accounts are only supposed to affect the level system, my gig has disappeared from search results altogether. This seems to be happening to many people lately.

Does anyone know what I can do to get my gig back in search results? It feels like Fiverr doesn't respect sellers at all and doesn't provide any explanation for these actions.

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17 hours ago, milos_siena said:

Your gigs do appear but on the last pages. You are flagged because blocked account/s were found that were made from the same device/ip or with similar email/profile picture/gigs like your account.

No, my gigs are not showing up, not even on the last page. There's just one page under the 'stochastic calculus' niche where I listed my gig. Initially, it was at the top when published, but after my account was flagged, the gig disappeared. There are only 31 gigs in total in this niche, and none of them is mine now. Please try searching for 'stochastic calculus' and see if you can find any gig under my username. It was visible for the first few hours after publication, but now it's gone since my account was flagged.

After publishing my gig and searching for 'stochastic calculus,' there were a total of 32 results, including my gig. However, once my account was flagged and I searched again, I only found 31 results, and mine was no longer among them. Therefore, my gig has disappeared.

That's completely unfair. Being flagged shouldn't affect the visibility of the gigs, just the level system.

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