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Fiverr is witholding my money and not providing a solution

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Hi. I have terrible experience with fiverr, a few days ago I tried to change the Payoneer account for the withdrawals of funds, I deleted the old one and try to add the new one, but fiverr block my withdrawals, I contacted the customer support the ticket is #11650403.

They asked for my payoneer ID and security information, first they told me that my old payoneer ID matches and the new one does not match (which does not make sense given is a new payoneer I wanted to add) then after I told them I only want to return to my old payoneer, they then told me the ID of my old payoneer, which they say matched before, suddenly does not match. and refuse to do anything.

I then told them to forget about the payoneer and help me connect it with my Paypal, but customer support refuses to do anything until the payoneer ID matches.

I don't know what to do, fiverr is my main source of income and I have funds blocked there. I have orders active right now and don't know if is even worth it working on them.


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Hi @josephpalma1991! I am so sorry that this is happening to you as I understand how important it is to have convenient access to your funds when you need them. 

Due to security measures, it is required that we have confirmation of the original Payoneer ID. Please contact their Customer Support department directly for assistance. They should be able to help you straighten things out. 

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 I deleted the old one and tried to add the new one, there should not be any payoneer attached to my account yet the customer support stills insists on me giving them my Payoneer ID, I only has one payoneer connected to my account since I create it, an at first they say it matches, but now they say it doesn't match.

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